Winter is here!!! And we are loving it here at Nana Glen – had our first big frost this week.  Beautiful and crisp mornings to wake up to.

Haven’t showed you one of my favourite seafood recipes yet so I decided to share ‘Fish Bites’.  This recipe was shared to my mum by her lovely and dear friend, Marg Hinde who passed away a couple of years ago at the great age of 95.  Marg loved entertaining and she was fabulous at it so I hope you will love these.

Once this special recipe was in the hands of my mum they were made alot,  loved by all the family, especially the grandchildren.



4 tablespoons self raising flour
1 tablespoon custard powder
salt and pepper
water – enough water to make a batter – approximately 6 tablespoons

1 medium firm white fillet – will make 12 bites


  1. Cut fish into bite size pieces
  2. Roll in plain flour
  3. Dip pieces into batter
  4. Deep fry

Now how simple is that!!!  Once deep fried, you can freeze them and heat them in a hot oven until crisp when ‘those unexpected visitors knock on your door’.

If you want to make a double batch, all you will need is 1 1/2 times the batter quantity and just double the fish fillets.

The secret ingredient is of course the ‘custard powder’.

I believe this recipe is the best for crispy and golden fish bits.  You can serve them with a side of chips or a fresh salad.  Perfect with a little sweet chilli sauce too.

Great as nibbles, so grab your favourite beer or wine and let us know your thoughts on Facebook  or Instagram!!!

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